Install applications on Android Phones

Android is the fastest growing mobile platform. How do you install and uninstall applications on an Android phone? We’ll show you how.

The primary and most used way to install applications on your Android based phone is by using Android Market. The Android Market is a centralized repository of all the applications developed for Android. It has been modeled after the very popular Apple iPhone AppStore. Third party developers can upload their applications on the Android Market and then anyone can download them. Most of the applications are free but some have a price tag.

How to Install Applications

To install applications using Android Market perform the following steps:

Open the Android Market application in the Applications menu.

You can select any option – Applications, Games, Search or My Downloads based on what you want to do. You will then get a list of applications or games to choose from.

You can also search for any particular application. You will then get a list of apps with their description and rating.

Click on the application you want and you will get more details of that application – the number of downloads and user comments.

To install it, just click on the Install button at the bottom of the screen.

On the next screen, you will find more details about the application, including the different functionalities it will need to access. Review the permissions it is requesting and click on OK to finish installing the application.

You can also install APK file on your Android phone directly without using the Market.


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