Sending mail from myhost/gmail

When I was new to php I was sending mail using php’s basic mail() function, but later I came across phpMailer class, which can be used to send mail using any host of your choice (Gmail, for example).
This is an simple code script needed to send an mail using your host and login details.

//including phpMailer class
//creating object for phpMailer class
$mail = new PHPMailer();
$mail->SMTPAuth = true;
$mail->From = "Your Email";// example
$mail->FromName = "Your Name";// example Stuff Lies
$mail->Username = "Your Username"; //example stufflies, for gmail
$mail->Password = "Your Password";//example *******
$mail->Host = "Your Host name"; //example for gmail
$mail->SMTPSecure = "ssl";//ssl/tls
$mail->Port = "Your Host port number";//example for gmail 465
$mail->AddReplyTo("Your Email","Your name");
$mail->AddAddress("Recepient email address","Recepient name");
$mail->Subject = "Your subject"; //example Stufflies phpMailer
//$mail->AddAttachment("temp file", "filename");//remove comments if attachment required
$mail->Body = "Your message"; //example Testing message from
{ echo "Mail sent"; }
else { echo "Sending failed"; }

The code uses phpMailer class which can be downloaded from phpMailer Download.

Although every effort is made to make this code simple , yet if any issue arise feel free to comment or contact me.