Get old gmail from new gmail

A few days ago Gmail changed its theme and provided its user’s the new look.
But a lot of people complaining me about this. So i found out the way to get the old gmail back.
Well, I founded the way the same day I moved to new gmail from old one (as i disliked it) but doesn’t thought that many peoples will dislike it.
So this are steps to get back to your lovely old gmail.

1. Go to mail home page
2. Click on the setting button (located near to paging above all displayed mails)

Revert to old google

Setting button

3. A drop-down will open
4. select Revert to old look temporarily, click on it.
5. You will be asked for confirmation using an dialog box


Revert to old gmail confirmation

6. select Revert to old gmail temporarily
The page will be refreshed and you will be with your old gmail.