Living independent

For all those who have always wanted to live ‘FREE’ (read it as ‘alone’), my one piece advice – don’t ever think of doing it, unless you can afford to get all your daily work done by some maid or domestic help. And it is not just about the daily work, but when it comes to living alone (and specially too far away from your home town), life starts to suck!

I always had a wish to live independent, somewhere far from my city, from all the people who surround me all the time. I used to think that would help me get close to myself and to get me tranquility. But all that is shit. A human being who has grown up in a city where silence means nothing and where ‘free time’ is just a theoretical concept, cannot afford to live alone and must never desire for things like tranquility, etc. Trust me, you will never find them.

Coming back to living alone – it has it’s own share of contributions to adventures in my life. I never get bored of my life living alone. Either thinking about what to eat for dinner / lunch / breakfast or where shall I go to kill my time on this weekend, they just keep me so much busy. I kind of never get time to get bored.

I was living independent from last 4 years and still continued, but every day I think “ab ghar chala jata hoon”.


StufflieS – the shuruat…

Hello and welcome to my new blog – stufflies. Here’s  you will find cool and refreshing stuff to get you out of some boringness and will make you fully recharge like you have taken a revital with tea and cigarette (some of my friends use to take during exams).

Plus I will include some of my coding experiences and geeky codes. Along the way, we’ll try we will try to make this blog a more interesting  to read than your computer or cell phone manuals.

So book mark this blog, email to a friend/colleague or add our RSS feeds, and let it pump up the volume on news at stufflies.

And of course, we will love getting your feedback on stufflies and what you want to read in future.

Until next time friends…